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My neuro-cognitive project is getting richer and richer any moment I have the time to think about it.
in recent times, I have tried to get some professors’ views about the main outlines I underlined for my potential theory. I was able to draw attention to and specify some of the points I wrote somewhere above here.
Unfortunately, as time goes by I cannot find any occasion until the end of the winter exams session to think of it, so I fear I would need some concentration and relax in order to make it clearer and picture it to the consideration of my tiny public.
The only thing I might tell you by now is that its possible name would assume the concept of aura as the key-role aspect of that theory, from the point of view that thoughts are represented by the idea of the aura of electric signaling pathways neurons create as we think.
More aspects of this rubbish of mine will be published, as I just said, as soon as relax would permit. 😉



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