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Student at the International Medical School of the Università degli Studi di Milano, G Is particularly interested in thought processes, science-based reasoning and expanded views about everything. He got a bachelor degree in Psychology, dig with some degrees into the field of neurosciences; he puts psychology and brain-geekness into whatever he does Fascinated by foreign languages ("language is the way our brain reconstructs reality in our heads"), he thinks the net and especially blog writing have given people the way to "overclock" our perspective upon the world. He soundly dislikes having to do with technology too much or for too long, since it cannot keep pace with his ways of behaving ("when you find a pc that is able to follow my ideas at their same speed, please buy me one!"). Tech usually ends up in crashing when he is around! Feel free to join and improve his work adding references, articles, comments and whatever your hive mind suggests! Feel also free to get in touch with G on skype at DjGabriro or by email (djgabriro AT gmail DOT com).

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